Acry-Plex - Premium Interior Paint

Kelly-Moore Acry-Plex Paint

Acry-Plex paints are a family of premium primers, flat and enamel finishes built to perform and provide luxurious finishes.  Kelly-Moore’s best!

Formulated to resist spattering to help keep your tools and jobsite clean, applications will always flow smooth for great results.  Great adhesion, even over aged alkyd enamels, the 100% acrylic sheens are formulated to resist blocking, so doors don’t stick.

Acry-Plex is available in a variety of sheens – flat, flat enamel, eggshell, satin and semi-gloss to match your desired sheen and function.

Acry-Plex MSDS and TDS


Enviro Coat – Premium Interior Ultra Low VOC Paints

Kelly-Moore Enviro Coat Paint

Enviro coat interior flat and enamels are formulated with a 100% acrylic resin, and are Ultra Low VOC for safe and virtually odorless application.  Enviro Coat is a great solution for maintaining excellent interior air quality, especially during application in occupied areas, and also eliminates compounds that affect exterior air quality.

Incorporating the latest in paint technology with anti-microbial properties Enviro Coat is quick drying, has excellent hide and touch-up qualities and is washable.  Enviro Coat is the perfect choice for residential, commercial, retail, health care, hospitality, educational and institutional facilities or anywhere odor sensitivity is a concern.

Enviro Coat is available in flat, eggshell and semi-gloss finishes. 

 Enviro Coat MSDS and TDS  


KM Professional – Interior Paints

Kelly-Moore Enviro Coat Paint

KM Professional line of interior paints deliver exceptional performance characteristics.  Preferred by contractors, but suitable for homeowner projects, the KM Professional flat paints and enamels demonstrate great practical hide and coverage, with excellent flow and leveling properties and leave a consistently smooth, professional finish.  These professional paints are formulated to resist spattering to help keep your tools and job site cleaner.

KM Professional Interior Paints are available in low-sheen, flat, eggshell, and semi-gloss finishes.

KM Professional MSDS and TDS


KM Green Coat – Professional Interior Ultra Low VOC Paints

Kelly-Moore Enviro Coat Paint

Kelly-Moore’s Green coat interior acrylic coatings are formulated with a quality Ultra Low VOC acrylic resin making these paints virtually odorless.  It is a great paint solution for maintaining good interior air quality during application in occupied areas or in small spaces.

Green Coat is designed for interior residential and commercial application.  It quickly dries to a durable and washable finish that cleans up with water.  This line is the right choice to maintain interior painted surfaces in occupied areas where odor sensitivity is a concern.

Green Coat is available in Ultra Low VOC flat, eggshell and semi-gloss finishes.

 Green Coat MSDS and TDS


Acry-Shield – Premium Exterior Paints

Kelly-Moore Acry-Shield Paint

Acry-Shield is a line of premium exterior paints formulated with 100% acrylic resins to provide superior performance against the effects of the sun, rain and temperature changes.

The family of products consists of a variety of exterior primers and finish coats in three desirable sheens – flat, low sheen and semi-gloss.  Acry-Shield is an excellent choice for any residential or commercial project where long term durability is needed.

Acry-Shield MSDS and TDS


Color Shield – Professional Exterior Paints

Kelly-Moore Color Shield Paint

Color Shield is a line of professional exterior paints formulated to apply easily and provide excellent resistance to sun, rain and the effects of temperature change.

The Color Shield product family is manufactured for commercial concrete and block walls, but also works very well over properly primed exterior metal, wood siding and trim on residential homes.

Color Shield is available in flat, low sheen, semi-gloss and high-build flat finishes.

Color Shield MSDS and TDS


Dura-Poxy+ Premium Interior/Exterior Enamels

Kelly-Moore Dura Poxy Paint

Dura-Poxy+ paints are a premium family of waterborne enamels with a hard, durable, epoxy-like enamel finish.

Formulated to resist solutions, household chemicals and oils from handling, stains such as coffee, red wine and pens are easily wiped clean.  The 100% acrylic formulation provides low VOC, low odor and easy water cleanup, and contains an anti-microbial agent to control odors.

Perfect for residential, commercial, health care, and light industrial applications.


Dura-Poxy+ MSDS and TDS


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