Pittsburgh Pure Performance Paint

Pure Performance Paint

A paint that’s environmentally gentle yet still offers superior performance.  That’s Pure Performance.  With zero VOC and very low odor, its exceptional quality transforms any interior space.  Yet while it’s the height of environmental responsibility, Pure Performance more than does its duty as a premium quality paint.  That’s why it is certified as a top quality paint by the Master Painters Institute (MPI), an independent coatings testing organization recognized acrosse North America.

Pure Performance

  • Zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
  • Very low odor
  • Easy application
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Great washability
  • Available in flat, eggshell & semi-gloss finishes


Pittsburgh Speedhide Paint


Speedhide Paint

There’s little wonder that Speedhide paint is the choice of professional painters.  It does the job consistently well.  Indoors, it delivers exceptional, high hiding interior coverage, plus Speedhide high build interior latex primer ensures a smooth, uniform topcoat.  When all is said and done, what Speedhide creates is more than a durable, great-looking finish.  It creates confidence in the people who use it every day.

Speedhide Interior

  • High hiding
  • Excellent coverage
  • Spatter resistant
  • Ideal for commercial applications
  • Available in flat, eggshell, semi-gloss, satin, High-Lustre, and Ultra 100% Acrylic flat


Pittsburgh Seal Grip


Commercial projects.  Residential projects.  The SEAL GRIP family of priming products is ready to take them all on.  SEAL GRIP Acrylic, synthetic, and Alkyd primers and Wood Stabilizers constantly prove themselves against the toughest interior and exterior challenges.  From a frequently scribbled-on wall in a child’s bedroom to wood window frames showing the telltale cracks of age, you can count on SEAL GRIP to deliver absolutely spot-on results.

SEAL GRIP Primers:

  • 100% Acrylic Universal Primer/Sealer
  • Alkyd Universal Primer/Sealer
  • Latex Enamel Undercoater
  • Alkyd Enamel Undercoater
  • Stain Killer Primer
  • Permanizer Plus Wood Stabilizer


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