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The latest color offering by the Color Guild, Color Is... features 1320 colors chosen particularly for you, the discerning consumer. In this most comprehensive color range you'll find a large selection of off whites and neutrals, classic colors and the latest in complex and sophisticated shades.

You'll find it easy to locate your favorite because the palette is organized by color family. Rather than being laid out in the traditional rainbow pattern, this system takes advantage of a zigzag pattern that creates a visual interest and draws you into color space. But don't worry, even in this innovative zigzag design, the colors flow in the same manner as a color wheel. So you'll be able to spot your favorite color quickly and easily.

The pivot point of the system places the brightest and most chromatic colors at the center of the display. As you work your way outward toward the end of the display, colors become less chromatic or more muted. The bottom level is reserved for the neutrals versions of all of these families and is separated warm on the left and cool on the right.

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Historic Colors

Miller Paint Historic Colors

The Historic Colour Collection showcases colors carefully selected from historic buildings and objects which authentically reflect the colors of our past. Coordinated combinations help you create body, trim, and accent paint schemes to dramatize your home, inside and outside. Whether you are decorating an old house or a contemporary one, these combinations add the character and distinction of America’s colorful past.

Curators and preserationists from Historic New England work with other museums and private homeowners from across the country to understand, preserve and recreate the Historic Colour Collection.

The Historic Color Collection consists of 149 colors that have been extensively researched by the Society for Preservation of New England Antiquities (SPNEA). Working with museums, antiques, and historic buildings, the SPNEA as able to create a collection that accurately reproduces the colors of our past. But, do not let the name fool you. These colors look just as beautiful on the contemporary homes of today as they do on the traditional homes of our past.

Historic Colors


In 1890, Ernest Miller, was a pioneering muralist and landscape artist whose brush led him to the Pacific NW. Along with contemporary Fresco artists’ like Henri Matisse, Miller joined the modern Fauvist movement of using spontaneously mixed natural colors painted on broad textures of neutral tones. Artists of Miller’s tradition see color as one of the most pleasurable human senses and useful tools of human expression – exploring the space where landscape, art and architecture collide.

The goal was not to cover the world with paint, but to reflect and enhance the natural beauty of your environment.

Color is personal. Color is not only a reflection of light, but it is a reflection of you. It tells your story…without a single word. Express and explore these evolutionary colors on the canvas of your home.

The COLOREVOLUTION Collection by Miller — the evolution of art, quality & color. 

Miller Paint ColorEvolution