On the journey between Ireland’s castles and cottages, you will encounter a quiet legion of dedicated craftspeople, artists and designers. Sometimes working solitarily in studios, other times in plain view surrounded by onlookers. Their work can be as different as canvas to clay, fabric to stone, from the organic to the man-made. Yet all these creators have one thing in common.

For each they have a colour that means something special to them; that unlocks the natural world around them. It takes a special custodian to gather and present these unique colours, to bring them together in a collection that is truly exceptional. As that entrusted custodian, CURATOR is proud to display this stunning Irish Design Collection of colours, a beautiful collaboration of native art and design, for your home. There has never been a time quite like this for Ireland’s dynamic design community.

This unique palette is designed to ensure that all schemes will find their complementary colours, tones and shades within the collection. Explore the palette to find unique combinations of colours that will answer the needs of any design aesthetic. There has never been a collection quite like CURATOR.

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