Green Eastman Interior Design



Phyllis was born in Portland, Oregon into an artistic family that fostered the creative process and allowed her to explore her color sensitivity. While in high school she was always directed into classes that supported and enriched her budding talent such as Art, Art History and Drafting. Graduating with Honors from Bassist College now the Art Institute of Portland, she received her degree in Interior Design, and most recently secured certificates in Kitchen & Bath Design and Accessibility & Aging in Place.

Embracing both commercial and residential design disciplines, Phyllis utilizes her trade knowledge on every job. She does not have a “set style” preferring to make her designs distinguishable through her sensitivity to the client needs, budget and appropriateness to the setting.

She now designs “inclusive interiors” that effortlessly and seamlessly include “people of all ages and all abilities.” Implementing both function and fashion into every project, Phyllis recognizes that accessibility in interior design will continue to grow in importance as more and more people seek comfortable and safe surroundings to call home.