Color Of The Month - August, 2019

Collection: ColorEvolution - COLOR NOW Color Name:  Trillium Petal Color Number: E1009 This month's featured color of the month is clean and crisp, but not too cool. Trillium Petal is a perfect interior white and can be casual or elegant depending on the decor. Suitable for all surfaces including walls, ceilings, and trim.

Color Of The Month - July

Collection: ColorEvolution  Color Name: Dispatch Color Number: E0029 This month's featured color is Dispatch - Calm and cool, like a chilly swimming hole in the heat of summer. Perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms, this color refreshes.

Color of the Month - June

Collection: ColorEvolution - COLOR NOW Color Name: Painted Hills Color Number: E1007 This month's featured color is from our NEW COLOR NOW collection.  Painted Hills is a warm and earthy hue that bring the outside in. Be adventurous and use this color in gathering spaces to promote lively conversation and connection.  

Color Of The Month - May 2019

Collection: ColorEvolution Color Name: Fondant Color Number: E0126 ColorEvolution Fondant is a warm white that feels like a soft cocoon, perfect for bedrooms and sleeping spaces. Use this calming, restorative color to create a peaceful sanctuary in your home.

Color of the Month - April 2019

Collection: ColorEvolution Color Name: Spinach Color Number: E0056 ColorEvolution Spinach is a milky green that feels both contemporary and vintage at the same time. Use as a neutral on walls in dens and dining rooms to create an old school vibe or use on refinished furniture as an edgy color pop.

Color of the Month - March 2019

Collection: ColorEvolution Color Name: Showers Color Number: E0030 There is beauty to be found in all manner of things...even the rain. We had snow last month, but we all know what comes after that. But do not fear! For what comes with those clouds heralds a fresh beginning for all of us with spring just around the corner. This cool blue-gray from ...
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Color Of The Month - February 2019

  Collection: ColorEvolution Color Name:  Cottage Color Number: E0105 Comfortable and cozy. What this color lacks in pretense it makes up for in depth. A rich red with undertones of black and purple, this color can go from inside to outside- from dining room walls to potting shed shingles- with ease. ‚Äč  For best results, with th...
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2019 Color Of The Year

  Our Color of The Year -- Into The Stratosphere A nostalgic navy that grounds us to our home near the ocean- The Pacific Northwest .  Use our Color of The Year -- Into The Stratosphere 0627 -- to create a Northwest-inspired work space with a casual + colorful vibe. In the spirit of local artisans, we created Pendleton-inspired wall hangi...
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Color of the Month - January 2019

  Collection: ColorEvolution Color Name:  Italian Pewter Color Number: E0028 A medium value blue with strong gray undertones, this month's color is reminiscent of winter skies in the Pacific Northwest. Italian Pewter envelopes a room like heavy clouds hanging low on the horizon. Use in spaces you want to create a cool and moody vibe such ...
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COLOREVOLUTION Avocodo Daiquiri - October 2017

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are lucky to be surrounded by so much greenery. This evergreen hue from our ColorEvolution line is so versatile, it looks great accented by bright pops of color, glammed up with gold, or toned down with neutral shades. Bring this lush tone from nature into your home! 

COLOREVOLUTION Geodes - September 2017

Soothing shades are ideal for bedrooms and other spaces that you want to be calm. Geodes won't overwhelm a small room, and will help open things up, while it also looks great in larger spaces. Let this neutral be the perfect backdrop for your favorite home decor pieces, and let your personal style be the star!  

COLOREVOLUTION Summer Breeze - August 2017

Your home can have a calm summer breeze all year long! This warm neutral creates a serene and welcoming space that can serve as the backdrop or as the star of a room. Dress up Summer Breeze with crisp white linens and natural textures for an effortless and inviting place to pass the time.  

COLOREVOLUTION Hay Field - July 2017

Let Hay Field take you to easy summer evenings at the golden hour. This earthy, calm shade will warm up any space in your home that needs a little love, and will make it feel like our favorite season, all year long.  

COLOREVOLUTION Blue Bird - June 2017

Take a chance on ditching the neutrals and creating a bright, calming space with Blue Bird! This watery shade makes a simple space feel bold without being overbearing. This summer, may your walls be as blue as the skies overhead!  

COLOREVOLUTION Thai Silk - April 2017

Thai Silk can pull a room together with minimal decoration, or act as a bold and grounding backdrop to your space. Accent this rich, deep plum with muted shades found in nature, like sage and taupe. Purples like Thai Silk are often associated with luxury, clarity, and peace of mind. For a more contemporary feel, decorate with translucent pieces mad...
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COLOREVOLUTION Lagoon - March 2017

A fresh and calming blue could be just what your home needs to brighten things up for spring! Lagoon is a wonderful choice to liven any room in your home. Mossy greens, natural textures, and crisp whites work well with this nearly-periwinkle hue. Traditionally, blues evoke feelings of freshness, tranquility, and integrity... and who wouldn't want a...
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COLOREVOLUTION Pinkie Ring - February 2017

Not just for the ladies, soft pink is an easy and unexpected neutral that's been trending in home offices and living rooms. Pinkie Ring is a versatile addition to a single wall or an entire room. Accent this blush tone with deep moss greens or light neutrals like ivory and cream. Simple furnishings can give the room a modern vibe, while more decora...
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Happy New Year! If one of your resolutions is to get to projects around your home, why not kick off 2017 with a fresh coat of paint?! There's no better time to start things fresh with Lush. This calming sage green is perfect in a bedroom, nursery, or entryway. To decorate, make your space feel like an airy sanctuary with rustic textures like linen ...
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