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Problem Solved

I had a problem! The paint was peeling off of a wall in the house I just bought! What started off looking like one small spot next to a piece off trim turned into me being able to rather easily peel off several layers of paint on a whole wall, right down to the texture. I was stuck with chalky, textured walls to which no paint would adhere. Fortunately, I knew about Zinsser Problem Surface Sealer. The Problem Surface Sealer is a clear primer which penetrates into the chalky texture, as well as the exposed spots of drywall, and turns it into a secure, well sealed surface ready to be painted. Once I had all the paint out of the way, and had patched 1 hole with a strip of Hyde Wet & Set repair tape, I brushed and rolled on a coat of the Problem Surface Sealer and let that dry overnight. The next day, I painted on 2 coats of Miller Premium over the wall, and it is held on great! I am so glad to have the Problem Surface Sealer because it saved me a lot of time and labor not having to sand and re-texture a whole wall in my house.

As a side note, the Hyde Wet & Set repair tape I mentioned above was also really easy to use, and may be the easiest thing I have ever done to repair a hole in the wall. The hole was about an inch wide and 3 inches long, and patching it was very easy when following the package instructions. Not only was it easy to use, but it can be primed or covered with spackle or drywall mud in as little as 30 minutes. With the Wet & Set repair tape, the Problem Surface Sealer, and some trusty Miller Premium, my wall now looks great!

Products and colors used:

  • Hyde Wet & Set Drywall Repair Tape
  • Zinsser Problem Surface Sealer
  • Miller Premium Satin

​Special thanks to Larry Allen from our Ashland store!

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