Color Palettes

View all of our stunning colors. Browse our architectural color collections: Color Is, Historic Color Collection, and The Northwest Color Collection.


Northwest Color Collection

From the lush forests and rugged coastlines to the snowy peaks and mossy trails, this curated collection is rooted in our region and reflects our own unique style. Comfortable, casual, layered, and complex, these colors feel like us.

Colors Design

Color Is

1320 colors designed for you. This comprehensive color range contains an expansive selection of off whites, saturated accent colors, and the latest in complex neutrals and sophisticated shades. Organized by color family, the colors flow in the same manner as a color wheel. With the brightest and most chromatic colors at the center of the display, and more muted one the ends of the display and fandeck, you will be able to spot your favorite color quickly and easily.

Colors Matching Design

Historic Color Collection

The Historic Color Collection consists of 149 colors researched by the Society for Preservation of New England Antiquities (SPNEA). Working with museums, antique collections, and historic buildings, the SPNEA has created a collection that accurately reproduces the colors of our American past. This collection brings history into the present with a stunning collection of timeless hues.