PAINT THIS: Abstract Sketch +Shape Mural


Let your imagination run wild with this Abstract Sketch + Shape Mural! Transfer your favorite sketchbook design to your wall, letting your creativity guide you.

web_0003_NA Office Mural 6

What you will need:

  • Drop cloth
  • Painter's tape
  • 2 -   2 1/2" paint brushes
  • Art/Craft Paint Brushes in different sizes and shapes
  • Paint can opener
  • Stir sticks
  • Pencil
  • Rags
  • 1 Color Sampler Best of the Bunch | 1068
  • 1 Color Sampler Clementine | H0014
  • 1 Color Sampler Mexican Spirit | 0984
  • 1 Color Sampler Lioness | 0864
  • 1 Color Sampler Rain Boots | 0802
  • 1 Color Sampler Atmosphere | 0689
  • 1 Color Sampler Madonna Blue | 0590
  • 1 Color Sampler Desiree | 1219
  • 1 Color Sampler Purple Hollyhock | 1158
  • 1 Color Sampler Beauport Aubergine | H0067
  • 1 Color Sampler Terra Pin | 0571
  • 1 Color Sampler Sugar Dust | 0011
web_0000_NA Office Mural 1

How to:

1. Sketch out a plan on paper of different shapes and placement of colors you want to use on the wall mural. It helps to use graph paper or create a grid that you can scale to help with the placement of shapes on the wall.  That said, the sketched out plan does not have to be exact and ideas may change once you start painting. Stay open and let your creativity guide you!

2. Put drop cloth on the floor and painters tape around all trim and edges you want to protect.

3. Lightly sketch with pencil on the wall a few shapes beginning at the top left and working down.

web_0001_NA Office Mural 2

4. Begin painting in the first shapes.

5. Move back up to the top of the design and sketch in the area to the right of where you just worked from top to bottom. Paint in those shapes. Keep working top to bottom and left to right.

web_0002_NA Office Mural 4

6. Continue adding layers of shapes and lines until you feel like you have a good balance of color and shapes throughout the wall.  Apply a second coat of paint where needed.

7. Be creative. Work one shape and color at a time. Enjoy!

THANK YOU to Nikolor Art for providing the inspiration, instructions and images for PAINT THIS: Abstract Sketch + Shape Mural. Check out more of Nikole’s colorful work here.