Color Story No. 3 | Earthy Yellows for Spring


Earthy yellows bring a warm sophistication to our homes.  Muted shades of yellow offer energy and uplift without being overwhelming. From ochre to mustard and everything in between, complexity is key in creating depth and unexpected interest in interiors. A few of our favorite earthy yellows that feel like the embrace of spring year round include: Luna | R049, Golden Lake | 0316, and Durum Wheat R052.

Luna | R049

Luna | R049

The perfect spring yellow … or is it green? Luna | R049 shifts with the light, adding a subtle complexity to any interior space. An alternative to butter yellow, this hue accomplishes the same goal of being light and bright but has an edge of artistry.  This color leans into a contemporary style vs. a more traditional aesthetic where light yellow is commonly used. Take the modern vibe a step further and paint this color on both walls and trim. Try Luna | R049 — in a sunroom or kitchen where brightness abounds.

yellow_0002_Layer 1

Golden Lake | 0316

Like the glow of morning sun reflecting off the water, earthy yellow Golden Lake | 0316 surrounds any room in warmth.  Not too dark and not too light, this medium value hue has a presence that is accentuated with contrasting trim.  Don’t be afraid to layer with color in rugs and accessories, as this hue’s brown undertones are strong enough to create a neutral backdrop for saturated elements. Consider Golden Lake | 0316 for spaces where beige and gray feel too boring and more vibrancy is desired.

Duram Wheat | R052

Durum Wheat | R052

Like the freshness of spring shoots, Durum Wheat | R052 shows off greenish undertones for a brassy and bold statement.  Combined with traditional furniture and decor, this color forces architectural detail to take center stage. A no-brainer for rooms where gathering and connecting are the main purpose, this earthy yellow can be as lively as the conversation that surrounds it. Try this hue when looking for a color that goes just a little bit grayer and greener than a typical gold.

yellow_0001_durum wheat copy

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