Choosing MetroPaint supports an effort that has remade millions of gallons of latex paint, keeping these reusable resources out of landfills.

Our Collection

Twelve unique colors made from previously unwanted paint remade new.


Snow Drift

a soft white


Sand Dollar

a gentle off-white


Wheat Field

a warm tan

colors_0007_MetroPaint Pebble Path

Pebble Path

mix of gray and beige 

colors_0011_MetroPaint Ash Gray

Ash Gray

a cool gray

colors_0002_MetroPaint Slate Stone

Slate Stone

a rich charcoal

colors_0004_MetroPaint Sage Leaf

Sage Leaf

a muted green

colors_0008_MetroPaint Grass Green

Grass Green

a fresh, verdant green

colors_0006_MetroPaint Rawhide


a supple light brown

colors_0009_MetroPaint Chestnut Brown

Chestnut Brown

an earthy dark brown

colors_0005_MetroPaint River Blues

River Blues

a cool and crisp blue

colors_0010_MetroPaint Brick Red

Brick Red

a natural, muted red

MetroPaint Virtual Painter

Find the MetroPaint color that’s right for your home with our fun and easy virtual painter.

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    More than recycled, remade new

    MetroPaint is previously unwanted paint remade new. It is screened for quality and reblended into desirable colors. MetroPaint goes through a strict color-matching process to ensure the colors are consistent from one gallon to the next.

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    Many uses

    MetroPaint is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. It includes mold and fungus inhibitors and has a twenty-year limited warranty. It rolls, brushes and sprays on smoothly for thick, rich coverage - often achieved in just one coat.

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    Straight-up value

    Great quality comes with serious affordability. MetroPaint is less than half the cost per gallon compared to other paint brands.

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    Environmentally smart

    Using recycled paint:

    • decreases your carbon footprint
    • reduces the need for landfill space
    • conserves the water needed to make new paint
    • prevents pollution from the mining and extraction of raw materials

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Give Unwanted Paint New Life

Got leftover paint at home? Recycle it! Drop off your old paint at a nearby collection center. Then feel good about keeping reusable materials out of landfills. Learn More >