Color Story No. 2 | Heart-Warming Hues


Embrace pinkish hues for a heart-warming home. Soft and soothing, muted pastels create the feeling of calm and comfort when incorporated into our spaces. Depending on the room, these hues can be an unexpected backdrop for modern furnishing and decor.  Adjacent to pink on the color wheel, lavender and peach can take the place of pink when more complexity is desired. Together, Pointe Shoes | R121, Kind Kiss | R122, and Chick Pea Please | R128 from our Northwest Color Collection create a beautiful trio ready to transform your home into a nurturing oasis.


Chick Pea Please | R128

An alternative to cooler neutrals like grays and beiges, Chick Pea Please | R128 feels open, light, and happy. Use in places where you want to linger, like in a kitchen where you savor those sips of early morning coffee while the kids are still asleep or a home office where this color’s gentle energy keeps you motivated and upbeat throughout the day. Layer with lots of white for a clean aesthetic that feels contemporary yet connected.


Kind Kiss | R122

Like its name suggests, Kind Kiss | R122 is a sweet hue that opens the heart and brings a smile to the face. Right in between pink and purple, this greyed-down lavender leans in and makes its presence known. This color begs to be set off by architectural detail and statement pieces, especially if they offer high contrast like beautiful trim or original artwork. Use in places where quiet joy is welcome, like in a bedroom where you open your eyes to a new day or a den where family connections take place.


Pointe Shoes | R121

Quite possibly our most perfect pink, Pointe Shoes | R121 has a soothing sophistication that makes it suitable for all ages. A touch of umber takes the super-sweetness out of this color, expanding its versatility. Think about using this color in spaces that you want to welcome and wow, like guest bedrooms and dining rooms.  A part of its charm, this hue can be layered with bright accents or luxe neutrals. Whatever style you choose, Pointe Shoes | R121 will not disappoint.


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