COLOR TOUR: A Colorful Tudor in North Portland


Odyssey Lilac | 1218

Graybeard | 0528

Greybeard | 0528

Built in 1932 in North Portland’s historic Piedmont neighborhood, Kate and James have touched nearly every surface of their vintage Tudor. The Odyssey Lilac | 1218 front door hints at the colorful interior of this family home. The siding is Greybeard | 0528.

Peninsula | 0654

Peninsula | 0564

The front room of the family’s home makes a statement with it’s dramatic blue Peninsula | 0564 ceiling. The living room’s architectural elements are highlighted with a neutral hue- the couple used Sugar Dust | 0011 on the walls. Kate’s use of warm accent colors for the drapery and furniture creates a harmonious color palette. She jokes that if you look closely, you might find a stray Lego or a toy car- the family’s four boys regularly use this space.


Notice Me | 0072

Just off the living room is the home office, for which Kate chose Miller Paint’s Notice Me | 0072, "I love this earthier moody toned pink—it’s like a grown-up glam cousin to bubblegum pink. I’m thrilled with how this room turned out—the pink on every surface makes it feel both cozy and bold."


Notice Me | 0072

Kate and James both work from home, and have created this space to function both as an office and a library- the family's extensive book collection is housed in bookshelves that Kate painted with Notice Me | 0072 to match the walls and ceilings and create a monochromatic, built-in look.


Rain Slicker | 0801

Beyond the living room is the home’s dining area that features a vibrant Rain Slicker | 0801 ceiling and Sugar Dust | 0011 walls. A chandelier from Portland’s Schoolhouse and a vintage map that Kate sourced at Stars Antiques in Sellwood bring even more interest to the space. The cats (they’re siblings!) love basking in the sunlight that streams in through the glass doors.


Sea of Atlantis | 0653

Rich blue Sea of Atlantis | 0653 cabinetry and a neutral floral wallpaper make an elegant yet playful pair in the kitchen. Kate added drama with statement lighting and functionality with an island that kids often sit at for snacks.


Covered Bridge | H003

Beyond the kitchen, at the back of the house, is an area that Kate and James call the breakfast nook. Kate chose Covered Bridge | H003 from Miller Paint’s Historic Collection for this sweet space. The stairs behind this area lead to down to bedrooms for the family’s older children.


Royal Wedding | 1111

The family shares a bathroom on the main floor, just off the dining room. Royal Wedding | 1111 wall and black vintage tile pair nicely with Kate’s portrait collection.

Opal of Lorraine | E0165

Opal of Lorraine | E0165

A moody floral bedroom that feels like an escape from the rest of the house was the goal of this space that Kate painted with Opal of Lorraine | E0165.

Island Breeze | 0693

Breeze | 0693

The home's attic is a sweet play room for the family’s youngest children. Kate chose Island Breeze | 0693 for the trim and chairs, and floral paper for the walls.

Thank you Kate and James, for letting us take a COLOR TOUR of your home!

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