COLOR TOUR: Kim’s Overlook Neighborhood Tudor

Black Licorice | 0529 (Door), Bauhaus Buff | E0128 (Stucco)

Bauhaus Buff | E0128

Kim is a residential realtor who lives in a 1929 Tudor that she describes as “special, warm, and relaxed.” The exterior of her Overlook neighborhood home is painted Bauhaus Buff | E0128 which strikes a lovely contrast with the vintage home’s original brickwork and black front door Subway | 1209.

horz_0000_Miller OCT20 Kims House027

Sugar Dust | 0011

Just inside the front door of the Tudor is a fireplace, the centerpiece of the main room. “My color palette helps me experience each room in a unique way- I’m able to enjoy my living room art and furniture with Sugar Dust | 0011 as the backdrop.”


vert_0000_Miller OCT20 Kims House020

Sugar Dust | 0011

Kim’s mix of antique and modern lighting, plus subtle layers of pattern and texture make the warm white palette in her living room engaging and inviting. Walls: Sugar Dust | 0011


vert_0002_Miller OCT20 Kims House069

Sugar Dust | 0011

Sugar Dust | 0011 connects the living room and dining area, and serves as the perfect neutral background for Kim’s dining room decor. “Orange, rust and terracotta are my favorite colors, and I ADORE my orange chairs.”

What’s your favorite element of your home? “I love the gorgeous original warm wood trim throughout, and the hardwood floors.”


horz_0001_Miller OCT20 Kims House072

Opal of Lorraine | E0165

Beyond the dining room is Kim’s charming vintage kitchen. She chose Miller Paint’s Calm Thoughts | 0698 to subtly compliment the mint-colored tile. Opal of Lorraine | E0165 on the backdoor echoes the black accents in the tile, kitchen cart and cabinet hardware.


vert_0003_Miller OCT20 Kims House080

Calm Thoughts | 0698

There’s so much charm in this Calm Thoughts | 0698 kitchen, from the vintage built-ins to the little eat-in nook.

vert_0004_Miller OCT20 Kims House087

Calm Thoughts | 0698

How does color impact your mood? “I am very sensitive to color. It sets the emotional and energetic tone.” Kim goes on to describe her Calm Thoughts | 0698 kitchen nook as a place that makes her feel “cheerful in the morning with coffee.”


horz_0002_Miller OCT20 Kims House089

Cape Cod Blue | 0633

Kim works from home and relaxes in her versatile Cape Cod Blue | 0633 media room- it’s one of her favorite spots in the house. “I like the den because of it’s blue walls and view from the window.”


horz_0003_Miller OCT20 Kims House115

Metro | 0530

Upstairs, the Tudor’s attic has been converted into a spacious loft with a sitting area and walk-in closet, another restful space in which Kim finds solace through color and design. “Metro | 0530 bedroom with its 10-foot ceilings is a calm oasis.”


vert_0005_Miller OCT20 Kims House119

Pink Duet | 0075

Ever inspired by the homes she tours as a realtor, Kim created a sweet place to reflect and get ready for the day in her Pink Duet | 0075 walk-in closet.



Tell us why you chose Miller Paint? “Honestly, I love the product, that they have a history in Portland, and that painters love to work with it.”

Kim, thanks for sharing your home with Miller Paint!

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