PAINT THIS: Color Cube Ladder

Color Cube Ladder

Turn a nondescript ladder into a colorful statement piece!  Bring the decorative ladder outside as part of a backyard oasis for hanging lightweight blankets to keep guests warm on chilly summer nights.

Interior/Exterior Stain-blocking Primer, Paint, Brush

Here is what you will need:

  • 1 quart of Miller Prime Interior/Exterior Stain-blocking  primer
  • 3 quarts of Miller Paint Acrinamel ( Satin.  Perfect for indoor/outdoor furniture.
  • The colors used in this DIY are Sari | 1066, Unforgettably Gold | 0900 , and Vintage Victorian | 1142
  • Paint Brush - 1” -  2” recommended
  • 3 Mini Rollers -  1/4” nap or foam
  • 3 Mini Roller Trays
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Blue Painter’s Tape
  • Drop Cloth
  • Sanding Sponge

How to:

1. Begin by giving the ladder a light sand.  Most decorative ladders have clear coast finish that will need to be scuffed up prior to priming.

2. Roll a coat of primer on the ladder.  Since there are so many angles on a ladder, a good way to keep track of where you have painted is to start with the outside first and then move inside.


Gold | 0900

3. With the ruler and pencil, mark off where you would like your colors to stop and start.  We gave the bottom color Sari | 1066 the largest section (3 rungs), followed by Unforgettably Gold | 0900 (2 rungs) , and the top section Vintage Victorian | 1142 (1 rung). We transitioned the colors 2” above the rungs for consistency.

4. Begin by painting the middle color first.  Paint over the pencil marks in the top and bottom sections. We recommend multiple thin coats for furniture to avoid drips and heavy texture. Wait until each coat is dry to the touch before applying another coat (approx 30 minutes).


5. Using the roller and pencil, remark where you would like to paint the other colors on the ladder.  Use  blue tape to make a clean line.  PRO TIP: seal the tape by painting the edge with the middle color.  Let dry and then paint over with the color of the section.  This will create a perfect line, as any paint bleed though will match the middle section and therefore be undetectable.

Paint, Roller

6. Paint the top and bottom sections.  Remember to do multiple thin coats and let dry between each.

Colorful Sitting Area

7. Voila!  Style with your favorite summer blankets and enjoy your Color Cube Ladder!