PAINT THIS: Pattern Play Mural


Play with pattern and color in this simple mural DIY. Find pattern inspiration in fabric, ceramic tile, wallpaper, and artwork. Use harmonious colors to create a curated, cohesive mural that defines your space and expresses your creativity.


What you will need:

  • Color Samplers from the Northwest Color Collection. We use the following colors:
    • Stoneware Clay | R038
    • Heathered Herb | R050
    • On the Road | R020
    • Chick Pea Please | R128
    • Soft Maple Wood | R039
    • Soft Sea Glass | R062
    • Foliage | R063
    • Hygge | R109
    • Fallen Fir | R071
    • Chocolate Opal | R130
    • Unity | R129
    • Bohemia | R110
    • Artifact | R070
  • 1-inch foam brushes
  • Blue painter’s tape
  • Pencil
  • Level

How to:

1. Using the level and pencil, define the space for the mural. We chose a long L-shape to mimic the shape of the sectional. Using blue painter’s tape, tape off the outer edge and individual internal rectangles. Vary the sizes of the internal rectangle for more visual interest.

2. Lay out your color scheme. For the most harmonious effect, pick at least five colors harmonious colors. We chose hues from the Northwest Color Collection, a beautiful palette of curated hues that work well together.

3. Pro Tip: Seal the edges. After you’ve taped off the rectangles, seal the inside tape edge with the base color (the color of your wall). If there is any bleed, it will match the base color that is already on the wall and create a perfect line when you remove the tape.


4. Using the 1-inch brush, hand-draw patterns into the individual rectangles. Have fun with this part – the lines don’t need to be perfect! A hand-drawn effect will give the project an organic, artistic feel.

5. Once paint is dry to the touch, slowly remove the painter’s tape, pulling it away from the painted edge at a 45-degree angle.

Enjoy your new Pattern Play mural!