2024 Color of the Year: Mushroom | R012

An earthy neutral, Mushroom | R012 strikes a balance between warmth and brightness. Complex yet calming, this hue shows tints of reddish brown and greenish gray as the light shifts throughout the day. An integral part of our natural world, mushrooms support the colorful life that grows up from our soil. Taking cues from its namesake, this color mimics nature as it is a beautiful backdrop for living that exists within our homes- from lively gatherings to intimate conversations. Part of our Northwest Color Collection, Mushroom is a stable, foundational hue that the rest of your palette can build upon.

COTY_2024_0007_Screen Shot 2023-10-10 at 11.53.33 PM

Mushroom | R012 is a versatile hue that brings out the beauty of our chosen aesthetic. It can flex from subdued and soothing to elegant and sophisticated with ease. Read on to learn how to use Mushroom to complement your home’s architecture and support your own unique style.

COTY_2024_0001_Organic Modern copy

Organic Modern

Use Mushroom | R012 as the canvas for a combination of earthy and easy-to-live with neutrals found in natural materials and the surrounding landscape. Grounded in a connection to nature, this color harmonizes easily with the brown and gray tones found in both stone and wood. Layer texture with different finishes to combine a rustic, tactile point-of-view with contemporary architecture to achieve an Organic Modern interior. 


Traditional Elegance

Mushroom | R012 pushes just outside the parameters of bright white, making it a welcome bridge between traditional architecture and more modern furnishings. Use the subtle value of Mushroom to offset the stunning original trim and intricate hardwood floors of a period home and to provide a neutral backdrop for an updated, more minimalist style at the same time.

2024_COTY_0005_Elevated Boho

Elevated Boho

Mix and match global patterns, colorful textiles, and original artwork freely with Mushroom | R012 on the walls to create an Elevated Boho interior. Saturated colors, comfortable furnishings, and pieces that tell a story all help to create an artful, eclectic style that feel right at home next to this earthy off-white.  Relaxed and easy-going, Mushroom lets living take center stage in a home painted in this hue. 

COTY_2024_0004_Farmhouse Chic

Farmhouse Chic

An alternative to stark white, Mushroom | R012 could very well be the perfect off-white to achieve the best vintage vibes for a farmhouse look. Antique collections and rustic elements suddenly feel more cohesive and curated when surrounded by this comfortable hue. From walls to trim and ceilings to cabinetry, Mushroom fits in pretty much anywhere you want it to go in this tried-and-true style.

COTY_2024_0006_Colorful Retro copy

Colorful Retro

Don’t let its neutral nature fool you, Mushroom | R012 loves color as much as the next hue! In fact, a vibrant palette helps to bring out its pinkish undertones only visible in certain settings. More friendly than a bright white, Mushroom warms up a mid century vibe but still keeps it cool.


Livable Luxe

Mushroom | R012 anchors any sophisticated setting.  Elegance is emphasized by the richness of this hue and contrast is made to feel comfortable. Dark woods and metallic finishes want to be paired together with the complexity that Mushroom brings to the table- hints of brown, gray, green, and pink flicker in the candlelight.

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