Celebrate the City of Roses with Miller's June Color of the Month: Rose Essence| 1065

08 Interior - Rose Essence
Rose Essence 1065

Rose Essence | 1065

Portland, Oregon, is synonymous with roses, earning its well-deserved nickname, the City of Roses. This June, Miller Paints celebrates this floral icon with our Color of the Month: Rose Essence | 1065.


Rose Essence | 1065 is a beautiful peachy pink that captures the delicate charm of a rose in bloom. It's a versatile color that can add warmth, whimsy, or elegance to any space, depending on how you use it.

Zea Flour | R009

Zea Flour | R009

Bohemia | R110

Bohemia | R110

Stillwater 0687

Stillwater | 0687

Essence | R117

Essence | R117

Woodland Nymph 0770

Woodland Nymph | 0770

But Rose Essence | 1065 isn't meant to go it alone! We've curated a stunning complementary color palette to help you bring your design vision to life:

  • Zea Flour: This neutral white provides a clean canvas and allows Rose Essence to take center stage.
  • Stillwater: A subdued aqua blue like Stillwater adds a calming counterpoint to Rose Essence's playful energy.
  • Essence: This deep purple-grey creates a sophisticated contrast and adds a touch of drama.
  • Bohemia: Introduce a touch of tranquility with lavender-grey Bohemia.
  • Woodland Nymph: Feeling bold? Opt for a pop of bright minty green with Woodland Nymph.

Some ways you can incorporate these colors into your home:

  • Living Room Oasis: Paint your living room walls Rose Essence and create a serene atmosphere. Accentuate with throw pillows in Stillwater and Bohemia for a touch of coolness.
  • Romantic Retreat: Transform your bedroom into a romantic haven with Rose Essence on the walls. Balance the sweetness with crisp white trim (Zea Flour) and elegant furniture in Essence (purple-grey).
  • Playful Kitchen: Liven up your kitchen with Rose Essence cabinets. Add a backsplash in Woodland Nymph for a touch of whimsy and freshness.
  • Bathroom Bliss: Create a spa-like retreat in your bathroom with Rose Essence walls and tranquil accents of Stillwater (aqua blue) on towels and bathmats.

These are just a few ideas to get you started! With Miller Paints' Color of the Month collection, the possibilities are endless. Visit your local Miller Paints today to explore Rose Essence | 1065 and our curated color palette.

Let your creativity bloom!

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