How to Paint Your Front Door with Miller Paint

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Your front door is the first impression your home makes, so give it a fresh start with a beautiful new coat of paint! Here at Miller Paint, we have everything you need to transform your entryway, and in this guide, we'll walk you through the process, from priming to painting, like a pro.



Proper priming is key before you get down to business with that gorgeous paint color. Let's break it down based on your door's material:

  • Wood Door: Identify the existing paint type by dabbing a little denatured alcohol on a discreet area of the painted surface. If the paint rubs off easily with the alcohol, it's likely water-based. Clean the surface with a mild detergent for both water-based and oil-based paints. If the surface is too shiny for water-based paint, use a deglosser. Oil-based paint or stained doors require an oil-based primer.
  • Fiberglass Door: A urethane-modified acrylic primer like XIM UMA is ideal for this tricky surface.
  • Metal Door: If already painted, follow the wood doorsteps. Bare metal can be primed with either water-based or oil-based primer. We recommend Acrimetal DTM velvet primer/finish, a water-based option in white or factory-made black.

Choosing Your Paint:


Miller Paint offers Acrinamel, an acrylic enamel that's perfect for doors. It boasts a smooth flow, self-leveling properties, and a durable finish. Available in eggshell, satin, and semi-gloss sheens, you can choose between a finish that hides imperfections (eggshell) or adds a touch of shine (semi-gloss).

Door Supplies

Essential Supplies:


Brushes: Choose a larger brush for big areas and a smaller one for intricate details. Softer bristles like our Miller Silver line will provide a smooth finish.

Roller: To minimize stippling, opt for a short nap roller. Microfiber, mohair, or flocked foam are all great choices. Flocked foam rollers provide an exceptionally smooth finish.


Painting Sequence: Here's the golden rule for achieving a professional-looking paint job:


  1. Edges First: Start by painting all four edges of the door. This ensures clean lines and minimizes the chance of smudging paint onto the main surfaces later.

  2. Panels: Next, tackle the recessed panels. Use your brush to cut in clean lines around the edges of each panel, then fill in the center with smooth strokes.

  3. Vertical Strips: If your door has vertical strips down the center, paint them next using gentle strokes.

  4. Rails and Stiles: Finally, paint the top and bottom horizontal rails, followed by the vertical side stiles. For these larger sections, use long, even strokes with your roller.


Pro Tips from Miller Paint:


  • Read the Paint Can: Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for temperature and humidity. Avoid painting in direct sunlight or high humidity, especially with darker colors.

  • Hardware Removal: Remove the door's hardware for a flawless finish. If that's not possible, use painter's tape meticulously.

  • Weatherstripping: Temporarily remove weatherstripping to prevent paint damage from the door closing


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