COLOR TOUR: The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Portland with Cielo Home


Founders Matthew Boyes and Frederic Koeleman of Cielo Home have been designing beautiful homes for over 20 years. Based in Portland, Oregon, one of their most recent projects was creating a model Residences in the new The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Portland in downtown Portland. Painted throughout with Miller Paint’s Evolution interior paint, Cielo Home chose to incorporate colors from our Northwest Collection to highlight the beauty of the architecture and the special views of the city. Read on for more about Cielo Home’s design inspiration and color philosophy.


Tell us about the inspiration behind the model Residences you designed at The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Portland?

We landed on a concept that was called Sophisticated Traveler. There are elements of the design that are traditional mixed in with contemporary art from Elizabeth Leach Gallery and PDX Contemporary Art that create a more global perspective. Plus, we wanted to create a peaceful respite for the traveler so we incorporated a fresh and natural color palette using the Northwest Color Collection from Miller Paint.

Winter Air | R079

Winter Air | R079

What are your favorite architectural details of the space and how did you try to highlight them in your design?

The architects at GBD created a really fabulous building. The spaces feel at once modern yet organic – a perfect reflection of Portland. The views are the true star and we highlighted this by incorporating a light blue ceiling – Winter Air | R079 –  in the main room that feels like it could be an extension of the sky. It is set in about 8” from the wall to create a cove or pan ceiling effect. In architecture that is not based on classical symmetry or proportions, we sometime like to trick the eye into forced symmetry. This stems from Matthew’s theatrical background and Frederic’s great appreciation of classical arts.

Hygge | R109

Hygge | R109

Which colors from the Northwest Color Collection did you choose to incorporate into the space and why?

Our design work is known for being colorful and detail-rich. Our goal with the model unit at the Ritz-Carlton in Portland was to imprint our unique style but also keeping it neutral enough so as not to alienate any potential buyers. We selected subtle yet still slightly saturated colors from Miller Paint’s Northwest Color Collection to create that vision. Hygge | R109 is a lovely earthy pink that was used on the ceiling of the primary bath.

Soft Sea Glass | R062

Soft Seaglass | R062

The bedroom walls are a beautiful green called Soft Seaglass | R062. This color creates a restful oasis and connects to the views of the west hills out the window.

Limestone Coping | R032

Limestone Coping | R032

The kitchen walls are painted in Limestone Coping | R032. This warm beige was selected because it picks up on the tones in the existing wood cabinetry.


Where are some of your favorite places in Portland to source items for the home?

We have been collectors our whole lives. With that said after 23 years of business we have a storage unit packed to the brim with unique finds. Our favorite place to shop for unique furniture and accessories is Cargo Emporium. This is where we have our new home base of a “shop in shop”. Patty Merrill and Bridgid Blackburn – co-owners of Cargo – are both people that we have long admired for their “edit”. We also used local artists Rebecca Fisher Studio to do a painting commission and Lorijo Daniels to do a commission of her photography on silk. We also source our rugs almost exclusively from Christiane Millinger Rugs.


Thank you Matthew and Fredric from Cielo Home!

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