Embracing Green

Why Choose Green?

When choosing colors for your home, green often takes a backseat to more popular neutrals or bold hues. However, green is a versatile and transformative color that can bring balance, tranquility, and a touch of nature into your living space.

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Why Choose Green?

Green evokes feelings of tranquility, vitality, and harmony. It's the color of nature, and it has been shown to have a positive effect on our mood and well-being.

Psychological benefits: Green has been linked to reduced stress, increased creativity, and improved concentration. It can also create a sense of calm and relaxation, making it a great choice for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Versatility: Green is a versatile color that can adapt to various design aesthetics, from modern to traditional. It can be used as a bold accent color or as a soothing backdrop for other elements in your décor.

Natural connection: By incorporating green into your home, you bring a touch of the outdoors inside, fostering a sense of connection with nature. This can be especially beneficial for those who live in urban areas or have limited access to green spaces.

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Color of the Month: Mother Nature | 0746

Our featured color of the month, Mother Nature | 0746, encapsulates the essence of green in all its glory. This shade embodies freshness, growth, and vitality. Pair it with accents of Fresh Water | R076, Durum Wheat | R052, Pointe Shoes | R121, or Soft Greige | R006 for a harmonious and inviting aesthetic.

Color Pairings and Complementary Tones


When working with green, consider these delightful pairings to complement its vibrancy:

  • Fresh Water | R076: A deeper green-blue shade that adds depth and sophistication. Pair Fresh Water with warm neutrals like Soft Greige for a balanced and inviting atmosphere.
  • Durum Wheat | R052: An earthy bright yellow complementing green beautifully, adding warmth and energy to your space. Use this combination in kitchens, dining rooms, or entryways for a cheerful setting.
  • Pointe Shoes | R121: A delicate and neutral pink that contrasts elegantly with green, creating a sophisticated, gender-neutral palette. Use this pairing in bedrooms or bathrooms for a soft, romantic ambiance.
  • Soft Greige | R006: A blend of gray and beige, soft greige is an excellent backdrop for green accents. This combination is perfect for open spaces like living rooms or home offices.

Mother Nature | 0746

Fresh Water | R076

Fresh Water | R076

Duram Wheat | R052

Durum Wheat | R052

Pointe Shoes | R121

Pointe Shoes | R121

Soft Greige | R006

Soft Greige | R006

Best Uses of Green

There are endless ways to incorporate green into your home décor. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Accent wall: Painting one wall in a bold green shade can instantly transform a room's mood. Choose a wall that naturally draws attention, such as behind a sofa or bed.
  • Pop of color for cabinets or furniture: Inject personality into your kitchen or living area by painting cabinets or furniture pieces in shades of green. This adds character and lights up the space.
  • Incorporate nature-inspired décor: Enhance your green palette with botanical prints, leafy plants, and wooden accents. This cohesive theme will create a serene atmosphere reminiscent of the outdoors.

Whether you opt for an accent wall, a pop of color in your furniture, or a nature-inspired décor, green is a versatile and beautiful color that can add a touch of serenity and vitality to any home. Embrace the power of green and let it transform your living space into a sanctuary of peace and harmony.

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