PAINT THIS: Pendleton Wall

Pendleton Wall

Bring the graphic patterns of Pendleton to your walls with this stunning DIY! Don’t worry about needing to be an artist to pull this one off – a ruler, level and painter’s tape are the tools of the trade for this weekend project.

Light Lichen | 0211, Fireplace Mantel | 0569, Golden Buff | 0288, Rich Reward | 0302

What you will need:

  • 4 Miller Paint Color Samplers in the following hues:
    • Light Lichen | 0211
    • Fireplace Mantel | 0569
    • Golden Buff | 0288
    • Rich Reward | 0302
  • Existing wall paint – we used Miller Premium Eggshell, Elusive White | 0002
  • Ruler
  • Level
  • Pencil
  • Box cutter or X-Acto knife
  • Download our Pendleton template and stencil here.
Color Template

How to:

1. Download the templates for the design here.

2. Using your ruler, pencil, and level, draw a grid onto the wall using the Color Template as your guide. Start by drawing the center vertical line once you determine where you would like your design to be on the wall. One square equals 1” on the template, so you can easily determine how far up and across to go from there. Depending on the length of your wall, you can determine how long to make the horizontal stripes that come out from the design.


3. Tip: Draw all of the horizontal lines first before doing the angled lines.

4. Following the red lines on angle template, use your ruler to draw the angles.


5. Once have the design penciled out, grab the tape. Outline the outer edge with blue painters tape.

Box Cutter And Ruler

6. Use your box cutter or X-Acto knife to clean up the interior angles by removing any tape that extends inside the design.

Elusive White | 0002

7. Seal the outline with Elusive White | 0002 all the way around the design.

PRO TIP: The key to this DIY’s success is PERFECT lines. Seal the tape’s edge by painting a coat of the existing wall color first and let dry before topcoating. Any bleed thru underneath the tape will be the same color as the wall, making the perfect line. When removing the tape, pull it away from the section that was freshly painted, not into it, as that will help make a clean break.

Section 1 (Fireplace Mantel | 0569) and Section 2 (Golden Buff | 0288)

8. Fill in the areas on the Color Template marked Section 1 (Fireplace Mantel | 0569) and Section 2 (Golden Buff | 0288) on the template. BE CAREFUL not to overlap paint colors in the middle part of the design. This section will be taped off and filled in again in a few more steps. Let dry and add a second coat if needed.

Fireplace Mantel | 0569

9. Tape off the Section 3 on the Color Template. You may need to redraw some lines for reference if they have been painted over. Seal the edge with Fireplace Mantel | 0569 and let dry.

Light Lichen | 0211

10. Fill in Section 3 with Light Lichen | 0211.  Apply a second coat if needed.


11. Remove the tape from Section 3 when dry to the touch.

Fireplace Mantel | 0569

12. Tape off section 2. Seal the edges where the tape touches Fireplace Mantel | 0569.

Golden Buff | 0288

13.  Fill in section 2 with Golden Buff | 0288. Apply 2 coats of needed. Remove tape.

Golden Buff

14. Tape off section 4. You do not need to worry about taping over the center stripe – that will come last!  Seal the edges with Golden Buff.

Rich Reward | 0302

15. Fill in the sections with Rich Reward | 0302. Let dry and remove the tape.

Fireplace Mantel | 0569

16. Using your level, redraw the center stripe. Outline the center stripe (section 5) with tape on the top and bottom. Seal the edges. Paint the center stripe Fireplace Mantel | 0569.


17. Remove the tape from the center line.

Remove Tape

18. Remove tape from the outer edge of the design.

Rich Reward | 0302

19. LAST STEP! Tape off section 6. You can use the other lines and angles as a guide or redraw if necessary. Seal the edges and fill in section 6 with Rich Reward | 0302.

New Pendleton Wall

20. Remove the last pieces of tape and touch up any areas that might need it. Now it’s time to enjoy your new Pendleton wall, complete with cozy blankets and a warm fire.