PAINT THIS: Striped Staircase Runner

Striped Staircase Runner

Make your staircase go from blah to beautiful with a fresh coat of paint! Easier to clean than carpet, this painted runner will add interest and elegance to an otherwise functional space.


This before picture says it all! Read on to learn how to do your own staircase transformation.

Casper White | E0157

What you will need:

  • Wood filler
  • 220 grit sandpaper
  • Damp cloth
  • 4” paint roller and tray
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • 1” blue painter’s tape
  • Miller Paint Stain Blocking Primer
  • ALLFLOR Porch & Patio Low Luster Enamel paint, color: Miller Paint, Casper White | E0157
  • ALLFLOR Porch & Patio Low Luster Enamel paint, color: Miller Paint, Cape Cod | 0633
  • 2” angle paintbrush
  • Small detail paintbrush
Wooden Stairs

How to:

1. Remove carpet if present. With wood filler, fill in any nail holes or visual imperfections or the staircase treads and risers, let dry.

2. Slightly sand away the excess wood filler.

3. With damp cloth, wipe the stairs to remove dust, dirt and grime.


4. Paint the primer on the entire staircase with the mini paint roller and let dry.

Casper White | E0157

5. Paint the entire staircase with Casper White | E0157. This is the base coat color. Let dry. Apply a second coat if needed.


6. With tape measure and pencil, determine how wide you would like the middle section of the runner to be. Lightly make hash marks down the staircase using the same measurements. You will use these as a guide for the tape.

7. Press the painter’s tape firmly down along the outside edge of each pencil line.

8. Measure 1” from the outside of the tape and make another set of hash marks down the staircase.

9. Put painter’s tape down along the outside edge of the pencil lines, making your way down the stairs.

Casper White | E 0157

Pro Tip: Press firmly on all painter’s tape and seal all of the inside edges with Casper White | E 0157. Any bleed thru underneath the tape will be the same color as stairs, making the perfect line. When removing the tape, pull it away from the section that was freshly painted, not into it, as that will help make a clean break.

Cape Cod | 0633

11. Apply the Cape Cod | 0633 blue paint with the mini roller, starting along the inside center of the outside painter’s tape edge for each side, rolling towards the center. Let dry. Apply a second coat.

12. Use the 2” angle paintbrush to smooth out any paint bubbling or rippling.

Colorful Floor

13. Slowly peel all painters tape away. Do this before the paint is dry if possible.

14. After paint is dry, use the small detail paintbrush to touch noticeable imperfections.

15. All done! Give yourself a high 5!