Acro HP

The Acro HP line of products is a wall coating system that is easy to use, easy to clean, and safer for the environment. Using an advanced Ultra-Low VOC resin formulated specifically for Miller Paint, Acro HP creates a lasting finish that will stand up to the rigors of daily life. A responsible alternative to conventional interior paints, it can be used anywhere a standard wall paint can be used. Acro HP is a great choice in homes, commercial and industrial spaces, and healthcare environments.

  • 100% acrylic cross-linking resin
  • Ultra-low VOC*
  • Low odor
  • Highly scrubbable interior wall finishes
  • Excellent stain resistance
  • Antimicrobial enhanced
  • Water clean up

For pricing and availability, please contact one of over 50 Miller Paint stores throughout Oregon, Washington and Idaho. Also available at many authorized dealers.



Ideal for projects where a deep, rich look is desired yet only a minimal sheen is needed. Also applicable for commercial or residential projects such as conference rooms, living rooms, or bedrooms.




This finish will minimize dirt pick-up and is washable. Ideal for projects where a deep, rich look and some sheen is desired, such as offices, hotel rooms, bedrooms, or hallways. Use in applications such as interior primed smooth or rough walls, finish grade wood trim, or primed metal surfaces.




This high-sheen product is very washable and perfect for areas that are more susceptible to dirt, grease and moisture. Ideal for projects in high traffic areas such as waiting rooms, restaurants, and other public areas.



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    Approximately 350-450 square feet per gallon @ 1.5 dry mils. Two coats recommended for even coverage. Coverage depends on porosity and profile of the surface

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    Drying Time

    1 hour to touch, and 4 hours for recoat at 70°F and 50% relative humidity.

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    Never pour leftover material down any sink or drain. Use up material on the job, or seal can and store safely for future use. Do not incinerate closed containers. For specific disposal guidelines contact your local waste management agency or visit Please re-use or recycle.


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    REPAIR cracks and fill voids with a paintable patching/caulking material. Degloss all shiny, smooth, hard, or glossy surfaces by lightly sanding. Remove all loose and scaling paint.

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    CLEAN all paintable surfaces to be free of dirt, dust, oil, grease, wax, and other contaminants. Rinse and allow surface to dry completely.

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    PRIME unsealed surfaces such as ferrous metal, plaster/wallboard, cedar, redwood, and other wood surfaces that may contain tannins or water stains with an appropriate Miller Paint primer. Test for adhesion and compatibility when painting over existing finishes.

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    STIR thoroughly before use. Thinning not recommended. If necessary, use a small amount of clean tap water. Do not use solvent to thin.

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    APPLY using nylon or synthetic brush, pad, roller, or spray. Do not apply when surface temperatures are below 35°F or when temperatures are expected to drop below 35°F within 24 hours. Keep product from freezing.

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    CLEANUP by removing all paint spatters, and wash all brushes and equipment immediately with warm soapy water. Follow with a clear rinse.

Specifications for Acri-Lite

Volume Solids 35.96% 35.59% 35.2%
VISCOSITY 99-103 KU 99-103 KU 99-103 KU
Weight Per Gallon 11.05 (LB) 10.69 (LB) 10.18 (LB)
Gloss 5-10%@60° 10-20%@60° 45-55%@60°
VOC* (minus water) <6 g/L <6 g/L <6 g/L