Acriclear Interior

Acriclear is a crystal clear, water-based, non-yellowing blend of polyurethane and acrylic resins. It is specifically formulated for interior wood applications such as furniture, wood work, and craft items. This product has exceptional scratch resistance and is low odor. This product is not recommended for exterior wood surfaces, floors, or non-wood surfaces.

  • Dries Crystal Clear
  • Exceptional Scratch Resistance
  • Low Odor/Easy Clean Up

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A matte finish will minimize visibility of surface imperfections due to lack of light refraction. It is best used for rough surfaces or surfaces that are regularly repainted or touched up.


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Ideal for projects where a deep, rich look is desired yet only a minimal sheen is needed, and mostly seen at an angle. It reduces dirt pick-up and provides some washability. Ideal for full body exterior work where some sheen is desired. Best used when the surface is free of major imperfections.


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This finish will minimize dirt pick-up and is washable. Ideal for full body exterior work where some sheen is desired. Best used when the surface is free of major imperfections. Use in applications like exterior body, sidings (wood or metal), exterior rough or smooth trim.


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This high-sheen product is very washable and perfect for areas that are more susceptible to dirt, grease and moisture. Use in applications like exterior smooth siding, exterior smooth wood trim, and primed metal surfaces.


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    Approximately 300-400 square feet per gallon.

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    Drying Time

    1 hour to touch, and 2-3 hours for recoat

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    Never pour leftover material down any sink or drain. Use up material on the job, or seal can and store safely for future use. Do not incinerate closed containers. For specific disposal guidelines contact your local waste management agency or visit Please re-use or recycle.


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    SURFACE PREPARATION: Wood surface should be sanded smooth and must be dry, clean, and free from dust, dirt, oil, grease, wax, and other contaminants. Re-sanding is required after the first coat on new wood to remove raised grain. Remove all contaminants prior to recoating. When applying over wood stains, allow enough time for the thorough drying of the stain. When applying over existing varnish or lacquer, test on a small area to check for good adhesion.

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    APPLICATION: Brush, pad, or spray. Stir thoroughly. DO NOT SHAKE. If spraying, a high-volume, low-pressure spray is recommended. 3 coats minimum recommended over bare wood. Do not recoat until previous coat is dry to touch (approx 1 hour), and not tacky. Recommended wait is 2-3 hours to recoat. Do not apply at temperatures below 45°F. Do not apply in conditions of high humidity, or high temperatures and low humidity. The best application range is 50°F - 85°F, and 25% - 75% humidity.

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    CLEANUP Wash tools immediately after use with warm soapy water followed by a clear rinse.

Specifications for Acriclear

Volume Solids 26% 33.4% 33.2% 33%
Viscosity 58-65 KU 58-65 KU 58-65 KU 58-65 KU
Weight Per Gallon 8.7 (LB) 8.6 (LB) 8.5 (LB) 8.5 (LB)
Gloss 10-20% @ 60° 35-45% @ 60° 60-70% @ 60° 75-85 @ 60°
VOC* (minus water) <250 <250 <250 <250